CBM demands Balanced Rent Act for Chandigarh


CBM write a letter to Home Minister Sh. Amit Shah with a copy to Local BJP President and Member Parliament.

 CHANDIGARH, 22 NOV 2019, As a Chandigarh Administration has recommended Draft of Chandigarh Tenancy Act 2019 to MOH, New Delhi for final approval. CBM has written a letter to Sh. Amit Shah, Union Home Minister giving suggestion on the subject, some important are mentioned below:-

Since there is no hue and cry in the city to formulate New Tenancy Act, it should be put on hold till a balance Act is drafted and made applicable to PAN India. A balance rent is required which give protection to old tenant traders from eviction and reasonable increase of rent for building owners with prescribed fair rent formula.

Rent disputes should remain in Civil Court so that decision can be taken after adopting proper legal procedure. Govt. should provide alternative site for uprooted tenants at subsidized rates. Detailed suggestion letter submitted to Additional Secretary Estate Chandigarh Administration and later on to Home Minister of India is forwarded along with.


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