The Executive Committee Meeting of FOSWAC, attended by 64 federating members


Chandigarh 29 jan 2023, The Executive Committee Meeting of FOSWAC (Federation of Sectors Welfare Association Chandigarh) was held today in sector 35 Chandigarh under the chairmanship of Sh. Baljinder Singh Bittu. It was attended by 64 federating members of Residents Welfare Associations. After customary welcome to the participants Mr. J.S. GOGIA, General Secretary triggered discussion on the unresolved issues and invited suggestions from the participants so that those can be taken up with the administration to find out amicable and practical solution.
Baljinder Singh Bittu addressing the members criticized the Administration & the municipal Corporation for imposing various charges and taxes ruthlessly on the residents of Chandigarh. They are acting like a business house who’s only concern is to extort more and more from the residents. He criticised the Administration & the Corporation for its draft policy of imposing parking charges in the residential area. He further said that the proposed policy of scrapping cars is nothing but to help the automobile lobby to sell more cars. In fact, India is a developing nation and the people have limited resources. Even such scrapping policy is not there in developed nations like USA. The Government should ensure strict pollution control norms instead of scrapping the vehicles.
Baljinder Singh Bittu further said that the Chandigarh Administration should clarify the implications of the recent Supreme Court Judgement at the earliest so that the fear of unknown is cleared amongst the residents.
The house unanimously approved that the scrapping of vehicles after 15 years as proposed by GOI, should be reconsidered in the larger interest of the public. It should be linked with road worthy fitness only and not on the age of vehicles.
Mr. J.S. GOGIA elaborated that several points were mooted in the past on how to reduce the congestion of traffic and increasing the number of vehicles. Some of the earlier suggestions for Metro, Monorail, periphery railways etc. were discarded by the administration. The rapid road transportation is not in sight at present. Under these circumstances what could be the best solution. Further, he also suggested change in timings of institutions in staggered manner and encourage group movement to institutional staff.
Mr. RC Nayyer Chief Patron said that there is a need to increase the number of buses in transport system. The people should be encouraged to use public transport. Further the Administration should consider running of Double Decker buses to control congestion on roads.
Mr. Pankaj Gupta added that there is a need to educate and improve the right of pedestrians and priority of cyclists as is being practised in other countries.
Coming on heavily on parking both in residential and commercial areas, Mr. JS Gogia, general secretary said that the need of hour is the underground community parking in southern sectors and also permitting to park in schools in the evening.
The house unanimously opposed for levying any tax for parking in front of the houses as it will not reduce the number of vehicles except MC will get more undesired taxes.
“It is pertinent to note that the people are already over loaded with various taxes and they cannot bear more such burden” said Mr. Pardeep Chopra. He further pointed out that most of the MC budget is spent on salaries of heavy top and nothing is left for the development. Most of the development projects are carried by the Private Contractors then why we need huge force of M.C. Staff pocketing huge salaries. The street vender policy was dumped by the corporation with utter disregard to the high court directions. He further suggested that the FOSWAC should move contempt petition in the High Court against the Corporation for not implementing the street vendor policy.
It was also pointed out that under pretext of Smart City the parking fee was raised several times without any value addition.
Dr. K.S. Chaudhry, President of RWA Sector 38 west said that the issue of garbage processing at Dadumajra has been lingering on from several years. No solution is visible to this menace said. The speed of processing is minimal resulting in daily addition in garbage mountains. Needless to add that it was assured by the MC several times in the past that it would be removed but the ground reality speaks otherwise. He further said that the residents of the city have seen many Advisors and Mayors promising to remove Garbage Dump within a year.
Mr. Satnam Singh Sandhu Chancellor of Chandigarh University attented the meeting as a special Invitee. Addressing the gathering he said that the Chandigarh Welfare Trust managed by him is doing social service in the field preserving environment, Swachhata Abhiyan awareness & in improving health infrastructure. He desired to work with “FOSWAC” to achieve the desired results at the ground level.
The meeting came to an end followed by lunch to the participants.


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