‘Special Shramik trains’ daily basis from various railway stations


Chandigarh, May 27- Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal said that due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, State Government is running ‘Special Shramik trains’ on a daily basis from various railway stations of the state to send workers willing to return to their home states. In this series, today five Special Shramik trains have been sent from Haryana. Similarly, workers of the neighboring states of Haryana are also being sent to their home states through buses. He said that workers have made a significant contribution to the progress and development of the Haryana.

He said that realizing the difficulties of these workers, the Haryana Government has made arrangements to send them free of cost to their home states. Today, over 8100 workers left from Gurugram, Hisar, Panipat, Faridabad, and Rohtak on five Special Shramik trains for their home states of Bihar and Jharkhand.

Today 1600 workers from Gurugram left for Ranchi (Jharkhand), 1696 workers from Hisar to Katihar (Bihar), 1600 workers from Panipat to Barauni (Bihar), 1650 workers from Faridabad to Muzaffarpur (Bihar) and 1637 workers from Rohtak to Katihar (Bihar). 

Train from Gurugram to Ranchi (Jharkhand)

Special Shramik train departed from Gurugram railway station today for Ranchi in Jharkhand at 4 pm with 1600 workers and 133 children. The workers who went on this train thanked the Haryana Government for the arrangements made for them. Every passenger leaving by trains and buses has been sent to their home states only after being given a medical fitness certificate. Health checkups have also been conducted at the stations. 

Train from Hisar to Katihar (Bihar)

Special Shramik train (No. 4865) from Hisar railway station left for Katihar in Bihar at 2 pm today with 1696 workers. Workers on board the train waved and thanked the officers and then left while raising slogan. 1696 workers were brought to the railway station by buses from Hisar, Fatehabad, and Jind and were then sent by special train to their home states free of cost. These included workers from various districts of Bihar. Women passengers were also aboard the train and children were given soft toys. 

Train from Panipat to Barauni (Bihar)

1600 workers were sent from Panipat Junction to Barauni (Bihar) on Wednesday, in which, 500 workers were brought from Sonipat via roadways buses. Health checkup of workers was conducted and the railway staff sanitized the train before it departed. The workers were provided with food and drinking water. 

Train from Faridabad to Muzaffarpur (Bihar)

Today, 1650 workers were sent from Old Faridabad railway station to Muzaffarpur (Bihar). Arrangements for sending the workers to their homes by trains and buses are being made. All passengers were provided with food items and masks so that they do not face any difficulties on the way. The e-Disha portal is proving to be very helpful for the diaspora and people registering on this portal are being sent to their homes in a convenient manner. 

Train from Rohtak to Katihar (Bihar)

Today a Special Shramik Train left from Rohtak railway station to Katihar in Bihar with 1637 workers out of which 1437 workers were from Rohtak while 200 workers were from Jhajjar district. So far more than 15,000 workers have been sent from Rohtak via buses and trains to their home states. 

Facilities provided to passengers

Workers were brought from the shelter home to the railway station by roadways buses. All necessary arrangements were made for sending the workers to their home state. The railway platform was cleaned with a vacuum cleaner frequently. Besides sanitizing the hands of the workers, they were also provided with food and drinking water. These workers were given free train tickets and other facilities so that they do not face any problem on the way home. Social distancing norms were adhered to for the sitting arrangement of workers in the train. 

The workers praised the Haryana Government-

Kutun Paswan from Sahebganj, who was leaving from Panipat Junction, said that he is going home after a long time and the Haryana Government has fulfilled his wish to return home. Chhotu from Ara, Rajkumar and Lalit from Saharsa also thanked the Haryana Government for helping them to return home. Another passenger Pooja Devi said that she was very happy to return home. She said that they were happy with all the arrangements made for them.

The workers praised the Haryana Government for sending them to their home states and said that in this hour of crisis they have been provided with free of cost tickets, stay at the shelter homes, free medical investigations, food and water and that they have been brought to the railway station on buses. They did not have to pay even one rupee. All this has been possible due to the efforts of Haryana Chief Minister, Mr. Manohar Lal.

Haryana is full of care and concern

Workers going to their home states on the Special Shramik Trains said that the love and affection they received in Haryana is not found anywhere else.


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