FOSWC: Issue of conversion from lease hold to free hold at the allotment rates


Chandigarh 20 Sep 2021. FOSWC (Federation of Sector Welfare Associations Chandigarh) has been in the service of residents of city from the last 33 years.

We  take up their issues related to their welfare and development  work in the large interest of mankind, much above the political affiliations.

Today,we thought appropriate to raise some unresolved but important issues to remind the administration and MC (Municipal Corporation Chandigarh) for finding suitable solution.

  1. Need based changes in CHB houses:

This issue has been raised from time to time over the last two decades. The politicians come and promise during election times but forget when elections are over. So is the case of officials who come and go after completing their tenure; thus the end result is zero.

What residents of 60 thousand CHB units want to have one-time settlement as has been done in Delhi.

Secondly, the issue of conversion from lease hold to free hold at the allotment rates and not on new rates which runs into lacs of rupees. We should not forget that majority of this category of residents are just middle class  people. They cannot afford to pay hefty amount for conversion.

Thirdly, all type of relaxations like increase in covered area, modern exterior architectural designs etc. given to the otherhouses be also extended to CHB houses. Why discriminate and disparity with them?

Fourthly, one size shoe does not fit to all. Let us find out practical and viable solution for different categories and sector wise issues instead imposing upon unworkable solution to all.

  1. The issues related to the MC (Municipal Corporation):
  2. Garbage Management Policy 2016:

MC imposed upon this policy unilaterallyand arbitrarily on the residents. It needs to be scrapped or modified to make it workable. Indeed, MC has miserably failed tomanage garbage in  the city. Consequently, the residents have to pay three times charges without any value addition. The unnecessaryadditionalburden works out to Rs. 5 to 7 crores besides other difficulties. The rates were announced based on the area of plots but  arebeing kitchenwise charged.The charges are being raised in waterbill for those who are not even residing there, similarly the landlord is not responsible for tenant bills. There is no mechanism to resolve the complaints. There are instances of grossly wrong & hefty bills. We suggest to hand over this work to the willing RWAs. They will  manage your garbage trucks and the MC will alsosave Rs. 30 crores for the management of trucks.

So is the case of MC failure to process the garbage and creating the mountain atDaduMajra. It is the source of spreading diseases and foul smell, making the life of southern sectors miserable. So called beautiful city has turned into badly managed slum city. The officials of MC undertake tours to exotic places with families under  pretext of finding solution for garbage management. Theyhave jolly good time at the expense of tax payers’ money whilethe heaps of garbage are multiplying. Where is the end of it? The residents have right to know how much amount has been spent to remove this mountain of garbage and  tender issued if any. What are the steps being taken to resolve this issue within which time frame ?

  1. Increase in water charges: The water charges have been increased three times without any value addition. Rough estimateshows drainage of additional 180 crores. The game is being played to defer it sometime due to election days. We feel this increase is unjustified, especially when we are paying hefty property tax. It is the duty of MC to provide basic amenities of drinking water, collection and management of garbage and other facilities to the residents.

We appeal to the Administration and MC to sort out these issue in the large interest of the residents of Chandigarh.


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