CHANDIGARH 14 JAN 2021, A delegation of senior functionaries of Chandigarh Beopar Mandal and its Building Bylaws Committee consisting of Sh. CharanJiv Singh, Sh. Anil Vohra, Sh. Diwakar Sahoonja, Sh. Vinod Joshi, Sh. Rajan Mahajan today called on Sh. Manoj Kumar Parida, Advisor to Administrator UT, Chandigarh to express its concern and resentment against implementation of unjustified enhancement of charges for availing the additional already permitted coverage area and conversion of SCF’s to SCO’s in commercial properties.

While taking up the issue, Sh. Vinod Joshi, Chairman building bylaws subcommittee of CBM pointed out the average charges from Rs 5Lakh had got increased to 50 to 60 lakhs by linking such coverage of old commercial buildings from sector 7 to sector 31 to collector rates which is unjustified.

Sh. Charanjiv Singh, President, CBM demanded to delink it from collector rates and fix flat, nominal and justified rates for additional coverage otherwise it will amount to second time purchase of our own property. This practice is not prevalent in any other neighboring states.

Sh. Diwakar Sahoonja, Patron cum official spokes person CBM termed the increases anti business and adverse to promised growth in economy and Central Govt policy of providing viable commercial spaces to startups since the new charges will enhance commercial rentals.

Sh. Anil Vohra, former President, CBM took up the issue of need to immediately notify permission of Display and Sale in all floors of commercial buildings. The respected advisor there and then issued appropriate instructions to the Deputy Commissioner cum Estate officer

After giving a very sympathetic hearing to the delegation of CBM, the advisor assured to form committee to look into the matter sympathetically.

He also suggested instead of long pending litigations in such matters in the courts if some kind of commission or committee is set up headed by a former Judge to take up early timely decisions after duly hearing pleadings by Govt departments and the aggrieved traders then that will prove a big push to economy or commerce in the city.


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