Committing Suicide: Inner Citationsne life of the person

R K Garg

Chandigarh 27 July 2020, Committing Suicide: Inner Citationsne life of the person. Depression mainly can be due to ignoring the personal relations or financial cases of depression the stress deposits go beyond control. The person starts doing more of useless introspection and does not speak or starts keeping mum. Here the role of family members and other known persons starts and if at this stage the dialogue is created and continued which proves stress buster and person comes out of depression and there will be lesser reasons to attempt suicide. Another major reason which is commonly seen is financial issues. We have history of persons committing suicide due financial constraints, see farmers and traders and sone time unemployed persons also. Financial reasons have many more aspects like Sudden happenings like natural calamities, Govt Policies, Closure of business and loss of employment etc. These reasons are many a times beyond one’s control and under these circumstances the role of Govt and business ethics can play a bigger helping hand.

Other reasons which can be attributed to such cases is sudden reaction or incapability to handle the situation in the face of something which is thought beyond control. These attempts happen because we are not able to visualise the whole situation and suddenly decide to take drastic step. Such Sudden reactions come due to failed relations and love Affairs also mostly in comparatively younger age.

From the entire discussion it is found that stress which occurs due to many reasons as detailed above is the basic reason which leads to depression resulting into attempt to suicide. If we go little deeper the depression starts making the person ,facing lonely ness ,mentally ill needing the medical heal. These are the stages which need to be tackled by different people in different ways. The most important issue is disclosure by the person himself, exposure due to conditions or structure of society which has proactive approach and can take care of its citizens.

How do we do that. It will not come own its own. We need to be like that. It has many aspects. Say for example Senior Citizens or old persons of family they need the time of family friends or society rather than material needs most of the time. Farmers and traders who are under financial stress need a helping hands and liberal economic reforms and social security. Persons who fail inti relations and love affairs need a better favourable social fabric. And above all we need a better society which takes care of its all members irrespective of everything else.

Here we are not trying to fix responsibilities as the person making an attempt to commit such an extra ordinary step is the mist responsible and when he is gone the situation can be analysed to save many more lives in future but its never done. As per figures available the suicide is very common and happen regularly without fail and we have Acts which rarely act to save. The Mental Health Care Act, 2017 which will come into force from July 7, 2018 was passed on April 7, 2017. This Act superseded the previously existing Mental Health care Act, 1987 that was passed on 22 May, 1987.Our own responsibility towards the issue is shown by the act even which was passed in April 2017 but it came into n-being only after 15 months and since than no constructive action has been taken to counsel ,whosoever rarely comes to helpline.

Suicide cannot be prevented but it happening can certainly be controlled. We have made tremendous progress these days, we may be towards being a rich [h country ushering the digital technology filling our coffers of foreign currency etc etc but at the same we have contributed towards increasing stress level to new heights. Suicide phenomena is multidimensional aspects and tackling the Suicide issue needs to be multidimensional task.

I will like to conclude that the tendency towards suicide attempts can certainly be tackled by us all by keeping and retaining our family values and regards intact. We us ed to be members of a society which were well knit and every small thing used to be discussed amongst family members, sometime embarrassing also but during all these discussions no member of family felt loneliness and if we are able to reduce cases of loneliness of all natures we will certainly reduce the number of suicides in and around us.



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