HR. Commission imposed penalty of Rs. 20,000 on Senior Sanitary Inspector



RTS is stringent against the officers who are negligent towards their responsibilities. RTS commission is committed towards ensuring that the notified services are delivered in the stipulated timeframe to its beneficiaries

Chandigarh, January 13 : Haryana Right to Service Commission is stringent against the officers who have laxity in their approach towards work. The Commission is working diligently to implement the vision of good governance envisioned by Haryana Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal, through a number of initiatives that have significantly contributed to strengthening the system by increasing transparency and making life easier for people seeking Government Services. Through the revolutionary initiative of Auto Appeal System (AAS) by the Haryana Right to Service Commission, the appeals of citizens are automatically raised to the higher authority of the concerned Department if the service is not delivered within the stipulated time frame. In order to ensure smooth transition of work the Commission has to sometimes take stern decisions in fixing the responsibility of the officer concerned in case of negligence or delay in the work.

Giving information regarding an incident, the Secretary to the Commission, Ms. Meenaxee Raj said the on receipt of a complaint from a resident of Sector-12A, Gurugram regarding lack of sanitation prevailing in his area which is under the purview of the notified service, the Commission took immediate cognizance of the complaint and in the investigation it was found that the complaint is valid and due to negligence found in work of Senior Sanitary Inspector of that area though having a good strength of 1600 sweepers at his disposal. She said the commission further taking an action imposed a penalty of Rs. 20,000 on Senior Sanitary Inspector, Sh. Rishipal Malik for not fulfilling his duties.

She said that the Commission, on receipt of the complaint, had directed the Commissioner, MCG, Sh. Mukesh Ahuja to take immediate cognizance of the concern. In a reply of the Commissioner it was evident that the sector was plagued with a lot of garbage and the same was only lifted after the intervention of the Commission. Along with imposing the fine, the Commission expressed its disappointment at the work of Sh. Rishipal Malik even after having a good amount of manpower. During the investigation it was even revealed that the concerned officer was not aware about the Right to Service (RTS) timelines fixed under Haryana Right to Service Act, 2014 for various public services being delivered by them.

She further said that the Chief Commissioner, Haryana Right to Service Commission, Sh.T.C.Gupta directed the Commissioner, MCG to organize training on Right to Service for all the employees working under him (may be online or through VC keeping in view the current Covid-19 situation) within 30 days of issuance of these orders and report compliance. It was reiterated by Sh.T.C.Gupta that the Commission is dedicated in implementing the vision of Good-Governance by the Haryana Chief Minister, Sh. Manohar Lal through ensuring the delivery of public services to the beneficiaries in a time bound manner.


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