Civil engineering students of Aryans visit water treatment plant 



Mohali 21st October 2019,Civil department of Aryans College of Engineering, Rajpura, Near Chandigarh organized an industrial visit at the water treatment plant situated at Singanwala, Ambala. The main motive of the industrial visit was to enhance the practical knowledge of students and to apprise them of working of various methods involved in the purification of raw water.

Students visited various units of the treatment plant such as sedimentation tank, coagulation tank, rapid sand filter and disinfection unit and learned about various techniques being used for the treatment of the waste water.

Junior Engineer at treatment plant Er. Shalinder Bhawani explained the working of all the units of the treatment plant as well as the distribution system. He also enlightened the students on improved water quality, removal of contaminants, cost-saving methods, water management during the crisis, improving taste and water clarity etc.

Students understood the concept of the primary, secondary and tertiary treatment of wastewater, in further how the sludge is being used for agricultural purposes. Students were briefly guided Process Units, Biological Treatment Units, Sludge System Unit and Gas Utilization System etc.


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