CHB: Online system to apply for Need Based Changes 

Online system to apply

and to pay charges under Penalty Scheme


Chandigarh, 9th September 2019: Chandigarh Housing Board has introduced system of online payment of application for Need Based Changes of the allottees of CHB flats. Now the allottees are not required to visit office of the Chandigarh Housing Board and they can visit website of the CHB  to apply and pay online under Need Based Scheme and Penalty Scheme for following:

  1. For regularization of those existing violations which are covered under Need-Based Changes allowed vide the order No. 59 dated 15.02.2019 and payment of applicable charges
  2. For permission of fresh additional construction permitted under Need-Based Changes allowed vide the order No. 59 dated 15.02.2019 and payment of applicable charges.
  3. Payment of Annual Penalty Charges to get some time to rectify these violations in conformity with the need based changes orders.

Here it is mentioned that certain need based changes for dwelling units of Chandigarh Housing Board were recently permitted vide the order No. 59 dated 15.02.2019. The allottees/occupants were required to get their violations regularized in terms of given relaxation and remove all other violations which are not covered under this policy.

Subsequently vide order dated 19.07.2019, the additional constructions in the dwelling units of Chandigarh Housing Board have been given temporary exemption from immediate demolition upto 31.12.2020, subject to payment of penal charges. This scheme is not applicable for the cases where cancellation orders for allotments have already been issued. The annual penalty charges to be paid on the additional area as per following rates.


Penal charges per sqr ft per annum (Rs.)

Suo-Moto Payment upto 30.09.2019

Payment after 30.09.2019

EWS:- 50/-, 75/-, LIG 60/-, 90/-, MIG 80/-, 120/-, HIG 90/-, 135/-

Copy of the Orders, standard drawings and formats for applications/certificates are available on the website of the CHB.

For the sake of further clarity, it is again informed that:

  1. Fresh constructions are not permitted without permission. On the Spot challans are being issued by the Enforcement Squad with the direction to immediately stop further construction and remove the same. If further constructions are stopped and the allottee start removing the violations, the CHB will wait for three days before taking up the demolition work. However if further constructions are not stopped, then the demolition on the risk & cost of the allottee may be carried out immediately without waiting even for a single day.
  2. Actions against encroachment will continue as usual because the Penalty Scheme is not applicable on construction/projection on government land.


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